Art appreciation helps us better understand and appreciate each other. It brings a higher meaning to our lives, increases our self-awareness, and allows us to be open to new ideas and experiences. A powerful work of art touches us deeply, influences a real-life change, and significantly impacts our societies by building bridges between cultures.

Art communicates differently without relying on words, representing ideas that shape our daily lives and can bring joy to aesthetic beauty. Art prolongs life and can help us to be better humans.

Being an artist is not a choice; it is a way of living. Stop being an artist means getting lost in the space of existence. With help from generous people like you, the life of an artist may take a different path, especially in our economically unstable time. Collecting art is a pleasure for many and represents a significant investment. Investing in the art is investing in your and the artist’s well-being.

With many custom benefits and privileges available in recognition of your generosity, you can join the community of supporters on (click the link to connect). By unlocking selected tears, you will gain access to exclusive rewards and free resources from – learning oil paint techniques to – guidance on collecting art, taking proper care of the artwork, – directly connecting with the artist, attending events, and more.

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Exhibiting with World Wide Art ART EXPO NYC 2021


Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art in 2022. Ceremony and presentation of the “Oscar of the Visual Arts” by Art Tour International Magazine


Red Carpet with Art Tour International Magazine

The Oscar of the Visual Arts awarded by Art Tour International Magazine

Grimaldi Gallery, NYC

Hamptons Fine Art Show, NYC

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