Artist Statement


Making art to me, is a profound process of personal discovery and development. My work manifests beauty and seeks the inner creative significance to reach those who appreciate classical ideals while still being inspired by contemporary ways of speaking about human values.

I am fascinated by forms and textures existing in nature and am compelled to express their meaning, unique purpose, and beauty in connection to human experiences. With its dynamic expression and energy, visual language interpretation brings intellectual stimulation and develops an emotional response. In addition, the creative use of symbols illustrates visual metaphors and offers insight into an idea or a concept.

My processes combine thoughtful, conscious decision-making and spontaneous, intuitive solutions to create compositions. Recognizing the psychological influence of elements and generating a visual narrative revealing the invisible within the visible and its emotional link to human experiences helps me develop aesthetically pleasing, meaningful artworks. Each of them is a deliberate effort to communicate viewpoints originating from moments of self-discovery. Something happens on the canvas that is beyond my conscious choices.

I chose abstract as the most expressive style. I use lines to create feelings; shapes and forms to reflect on emotions, thoughts, and perceptions; texture to reveal experiences; color tones to add contrast and reinforce a message through design and composition. The psychology of art elements imparts more meaningful design, influencing viewers’ emotional responses. My favorites are circles and curved lines. I found them simple but, at the same time, very compelling. The circle is a line that never stops, represents “completeness,” and gives a sense of protection, friendship, femineity, community, and perfection. It naturally communicates positive emotions and builds a strong visual identity. In my work, a circle often symbolizes hope.  

My favorite medium is oil paint because it provides an expressive ability and flexibility to create and achieve extraordinary results. For sculpture, I enjoy working with clay. I also use sculpted metal wires, mesh wire, modeling compounds, and other materials to explore different textures.

My body of work expresses personal experiences, thoughts, spirituality, feelings, and philosophy in life. I believe in an awakened mind and a soul’s purpose. Therefore, I always strive to inspire hope and encourage positivity. 

Irina Howard



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