Artist Statement


As an artist, I believe that art should not only be visually captivating but also serve as a medium for introspection and reflection. Through my abstract compositions, I aim to evoke a sense of wonder and curiosity in the viewer, inviting them into a world where imagination reigns supreme.

Each brushstroke is carefully considered as I strive to capture the essence of human experiences and emotions. I believe that art has the power to transcend language barriers and communicate on a deeper, more intimate level. By harnessing the universal language of symbols and visual metaphors, my work invites viewers to explore their own inner landscapes and find connections to the broader human experience.

In my creative process, I embrace both careful planning and spontaneous experimentation. By combining the deliberate decision-making process with intuitive solutions, I allow my subconscious to guide me, uncovering hidden layers and meanings within each artwork. During these moments of self-discovery, something magical happens on the canvas – a conversation between creator and creation that goes beyond conscious choices.

Textures, forms, and colors play a pivotal role in my artistic expression. Inspired by the endless variety found in nature, I seek to capture the intricacies of organic textures, transforming them into visual narratives that reflect our shared human experiences. The interplay of light and shadow, bold and muted tones, and contrasting shapes and lines give depth and dimension to my work, inviting viewers to explore every intricacy.

Ultimately, my goal is to create art that celebrates the timeless beauty of classical ideals while embracing the contemporary ways in which we communicate and understand the world. Through my artworks, I hope to ignite a spark within the viewer – a curiosity to delve deeper into their own thoughts, emotions, and personal journeys.

For me, art is not merely a means of self-expression but a catalyst for self-discovery and connection. Through the creation and contemplation of art, we can transcend boundaries and find common ground in our shared human experience. So, join me on this journey of exploration and reflection, where art becomes a portal to the depths of our souls and a bridge connecting individuals from all walks of life. Together, let us discover the beauty and significance of each brushstroke.

Experiencing my art

When experiencing my art, I hope viewers will feel a range of emotions triggered by the visual language and symbolism within the compositions. The exact feelings may vary from person to person, as each individual brings their own unique perspective and experiences to the artwork.  

Wonder and Curiosity. I aim to spark a sense of awe and intrigue, encouraging viewers to explore the intricate details and hidden meanings within each artwork. I hope to ignite a curiosity that invites them to delve deeper and contemplate the various layers of visual storytelling presented in the piece.

Reflection and Introspection. I aspire to create a space for introspection through visual metaphors and symbolic elements. I want viewers to engage with the artwork on a personal level, prompting them to reflect on their own experiences, emotions, and thoughts. I hope my art serves as a mirror, allowing individuals to dive into their inner landscapes and explore their own depths.

Connection and Empathy. Art has the power to connect people from diverse backgrounds and experiences. I want my viewers to feel connected with the broader human experience portrayed in the artwork. By tapping into universal themes and emotions, I hope to foster empathy and understanding among those who engage with my art.

Inspiration and Imagination. I strive to ignite a spark of inspiration within viewers, encouraging them to embrace their own creativity and see the world through a different lens. By presenting unconventional perspectives and employing abstract forms, I aim to stimulate the imagination, inviting viewers to imagine new possibilities and meanings.

Overall, my intention is to create an immersive and thought-provoking experience through my art. I want viewers to feel engaged, moved, and inspired, ultimately leaving them with a lasting impression that enriches their own journey of exploration and self-discovery.

Irina Howard



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