I have always believed that when somebody speaks from their heart, it will touch the hearts of others. Art has always been a meaningful and exciting passion of mine. It is how I see the world and express my own. It has changed my life and brought more meaning, motivation, and excitement than anything else.

My mission is to create original works of art, reflect on meaning in life, project the beauty surrounding us, and encourage souls with hope. In addition, I aspire to improve our quality of life and inspire communication through diverse communities that unite us through art.

I have dedicated my creative process to reaching people’s minds and souls, inspiring positive change, and contributing to the values that make us better humans and strengthen societies.

Influenced by classical art’s values and traditions,  I am experimenting with different methods and mediums to achieve more power in the visual message and its spirit. My work manifests beauty and seeks inner creative significance, always with hope and inspiration to reach those who appreciate classical ideals while still being inspired by contemporary ways of speaking about human values. As an artist, I stand for peace, hope, beauty, and spirituality. I believe in the power of art – enhancing lives.

Making art to me, is a profound process of personal discovery and development. I would compare myself to a stranger who travels through life, looking for a dreamland. While on the journey, the traveler struggles a lot and goes through hardships, losses, and needs, but in the end, she finds something inside that gives her strength, love, and hope. Her inner world, full of peace and joy, was always there, waiting to be discovered and revealed.

I aim to bring more hope and inspiration, motivate and support great values, and make the world a better place to live. It would be the biggest reward and the greatest inspiration to achieve this through my art.

I believe that if you are willing to put your heart and effort into something, you will reach your dreamland.

Irina Howard



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